20+ Relaxing Big House Design Ideas With Useful Loft To Have

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Relaxing Big House Design Ideas With Useful Loft To Have 01

Mansard Conversions These types of conversions are common in areas where space is at a premium such as city or towns centres as they require virtually no work to be done to the outside of the building, meaning that planning permission and building regulations are kept to a minimum and are rarely complicated. Mansards are ascetically pleasing and can include windows, and are usually built to the back of a property.

Dormer Extensions Do you live in a small property and fear that your loft is not big enough to be converted? If this is the case then a dormer extension is what your builder will recommend. A dormer can create extra headroom and space for a staircase meaning that even the smallest property can benefit from a loft conversion. Dormers conversions will usually be required to follow strict building regulations as there will be some work needed to make the loft bigger which can affect the way the roof looks on the outside of the house.

Velux Conversions If your home is a listed building, in a conservation area or has building restrictions placed on it, the chances are a velux conversion is the only option available to you. The loft conversion is simply built within the existing roof space and then Velux windows are built into the roof line, which where this type of conversion gets its name from.
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