20+ Favorite Wisconsin Home Design Ideas That You Need To See

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As being labeled as "largest fireworks show in the Midwest", it easily beats fireworks events in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Milwaukee due to the duration of the display, the amount of shells blasted, and the amount of money financed by companies.

This occasion was established by Mr.Terry Kelly of Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. Kelly is President of the Madison Fireworks Fund, who hosts the annual Rhythm & Booms fireworks display. Proceeds from the event's vending activities, after event expenses, benefit children's charities in the Madison area. Since 1993, over $250,000 has been raised.

The fireworks begin at sun down with a fly over by numerous f16's from local Wisconsin Air National Guard, and are synced to music, which is broadcast over the local radio station. Audiences bring their boom-boxes to the venue and tune in to enjoy the brilliantly wonderfully synchronized fireworks display without any sound delay.

Starting in the late '90s, howitzers from the local Wisconsin Army National Guard were used in the finale. The howitzers fire blanks into the darkened sky. Although the cannons make a different sound than the exploding fireworks, it can be difficult to hear them because the continuous noise of fireworks overhead throughout the finale. The soldiers fired howitzer salutes at the beginning of each hour most of the afternoon.
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