30+ Modern Mid Century Bookcase Design Ideas You Will Love

Creating a bookcase is a good project both for experienced woodworkers and newbies as well! A bookcase is a good useful project where you can use your handy work in your home and bookcase designs can range from the very simple right up to more difficult design pieces.

Developing a bookcase is a fantastic start to woodworking materials and tools. It is a good idea to work from a plan where possible. Bookcase plans are readily available on the Net, many of them at no cost – if you have the time to search for them and sift through for quality. There are also many plans available on the internet for a cost – once again, if you have the time to find them. Plans can range in quality so if you have opportunity to look at samples from a range of sources then this can be a great idea before you purchase.

Another thing to watch out for is that a materials list is supplied and measurements are in relevant units (imperial or metric or both) for your country. You will find that many bookcase plans use three main power tools – the electric drill, the electric saw and the router. All of these tools can be relatively inexpensive so these bookcase projects should be able to be undertaken by everyone.

Bookcase plans are available for many different sorts of bookcases, from the very simple beginners level project right up to designer pieces with intricate or complex shapes and detail for the more experienced woodworker. Some projects can take just a few hours for the more straightforward designs and some bookcase projects can even save you cash.

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