30+ Inspiring Hanging Plants Ideas for Bathroom

When it comes to home remodels, one of the most frequently “made-over” rooms in the house is the bathroom. People today have a lot more options available in what they can install in this room as well as how they want to design it.

In addition, with the popularity of the modern-day spa products gaining momentum, many consumers are looking for ways to transform their own bathroom into a spa of their own. With simple ideas that are inexpensive to expensive ideas that make a true remodel, there are many ways to make this spa atmosphere fit right into your own home.

To begin, one of the more expensive changes to implement would be to replace an existing tub with a whirlpool model. These can be costly but well worth the expense. Another addition that some homeowners are considering is a mini steam room. These home models generally only have room for two people but are quite an addition to the spa experience.

Many people are even opening up their bathroom to include a walk in shower. Even if you don’t do this though, simply changing out your current showerhead can make quite the difference. With gentle pressure waterfall showerheads to high pressure massaging showerheads and all the varieties in between-today’s consumer may find themselves taking longer showers!

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