20+ Stylish Rustic Wooden Hanging Wine Rack Design Ideas

Today there is a wide variety of beautiful and functional wine racks. Choose a modern wine rack or a traditional wine rack. Racks are available in every size and every price range and to complement every décor. One of the most popular of the many styles of racks is the wooden wine stand. Wood is appealing and versatile, comes in a wide selection of colors, styles, stains and finishes. Choose from a rustic oak finish for the down home country look to the modern appearance of mahogany for a more contemporary look.

Now the connoisseur of fine wine can also be a connoisseur of fine wine stands. Whether you have an entire cellar to designate to your fine wine collection or just a smaller space in an area of the kitchen, there is a wine rack that is just right for your home and your requirements. Today’s wooden wine racks are made from the finest wood found in sustainable tree plantations. Many are handcrafted to produce a beautiful and even color and a lovely grain texture. Choose individual wooden pieces that can be used alone as a functional standing wine rack, or group the pieces together to create a unit that will fit the area precisely as you want. Be sure that the wall next to the rack is properly braced and supported for the additional weight of the rack. Whether you want a rack to hold 6 bottles of wine or a hundred and six bottles, rest assured you will be able to find just what you need.

Other popular materials for wine racks are wrought iron and steel. Wrought iron racks offer a more unique appearance for the housing and storage of your wine. The construction is sturdy and rugged and yet the ornamentation available in the metal work give the wrought iron rack an air of elegance and sophistication. It is important your wine is safe in a protective storage area, but it is also important that it looks good and adds to the décor of the room. Safe and stylish are the ways to go.

It is essential that you provide and secure storage for your wine bottles, and these days there are many beautiful ways to do just that. There are many wall mounted racks that offer just the right hanging wine rack that you are looking for. With the right style of wall mounted style you will be able to find a wine stand that is not only secure for the wine, but also can feature an addition to the room that completes the look there. Be sure you look for a rack that is sturdy and safe and fits in with the rest of the room, but also one that allows for proper airflow and proper temperature to keep the wine at its best flavor and appearance.

Another wonderful material for a wine stand is the metal rack with a modern silver finish and a striking glass top. Beveled edges and rounded ends complete this contemporary look. The silver finish wine stand is small and is perfectly sized to add tastefully to the décor as you display your wine bottle collection in a corner of the dining room.

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