20+ Relaxing Courtyard House Design Ideas

There are many aspects to designing the ideal outdoor living space so it is often difficult to know where to begin and where to end. One characteristic not to be overlooked is that of a fence. Fences serve many functions for homeowners, privacy, boundaries, and safety being just a few. Ironically, when it comes to fencing an outdoor living space or courtyard house plans, the options are nearly limitless!

Vinyl is extremely popular for fences because the material can last forever with little maintenance. But, the appearance can look cheap compared to nearby landscaping or structures.

Wooden fences are charming and familiar to many homeowners. This material is most affordable but often requires more maintenance and regular care than other fencing options. Cedar and Redwood are two hardwoods that come highly recommended for fencing applications because of their resistance to insects and rot. Softwoods are easy to work with for do-it-yourself types but need regular treatment to make them resistance to ever-problematic mildew and pests.

Composite is a material comprised of wood fiber and plastic resin. Composite takes on the charming appearance of natural wood but has the convenience of minimal maintenance like vinyl. It is a great compromise between the two!

Aluminum fences are not as popular though it is typically a low maintenance material that never fades or discolors. However, aluminum fences are often ornate and serve more of a decorative function. This can be a great material for fencing around pools because it provides a safety barrier without greatly disrupting the line of sight.

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